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The Hellenic Group provide the retail market in Europe, a one-stop contact for a seamless procurement of garments and accessories by offering full services for production in China, Bangladesh and India. The Group’s offices in Sweden, China, Bangladesh and India are following up each step of the production chain; from development, sourcing, production, quality control to logistics and delivery. In addition, the Group’s Creative Team provides design and product development.


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    Hellenic Trading
  • Hellenic Trading
    Hellenic Trading
  • Hellenic Trading
    Hellenic Trading

Our service offering

The Group offers a shorter chain between customers and local production units in Asia, an approach that is specific to each customer’s needs. Hellenic offers its services as a single point of contact to manage the production of garments in China, Bangladesh and India.
The service offering is divided into two parts. In its basic version it includes: selection of the best manufacturer, price negotiation, quality and delivery control (“Local Services”) but may include the creative part of design and development of collections (“Full-service”).
The service concept signifies that the Group is committed to contribute to a process that includes the following steps:

All Services:

- Selection of the most appropriate manufacturer that match customer requirements for quality, quantity, cost and compliance

- Production planning

- Continuous follow-up that production is following the plan for quality and delivery

- Submissions of samples (SMS, Fit- P.P. and S/S-sample)

- To secure the required quality, our quality departments follow the production process and we provide, for instance, lab-tests for fabrics and chemicals

- Ongoing communication with the customer about the whole process

- Delivery monitoring, including shipping

- Customs clearance

- Reloading

Additional Services:

- The creative part including presentation of trend boards and sample collections for every season

- We design both on demand and present our customers with new sample collections of their own design.

- Pattern construction

- Measurement lists

- Instructions for colour and accessories


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